COLUMBIA, S.C. — Jack White arrived at Duke in the summer of 2016, a hard-working, eager kid from Traralgon, Australia, thinking he was ready for big-time college basketball. He had no idea exactly what he was about to face.

  In a summer pickup game, White found himself guarding another incoming freshman, Jayson Tatum, a recruit from St. Louis who wound up as the No. 3 pick in the N.B.A. draft less than a year later. Tatum took White into the low post, but White fought for his defensive position and cut off Tatum’s access to the rim.

  So Tatum jumped away from the basket, spun in midair and swished a turnaround jumper over White’s outstretched arm.

  “You would never see that shot taken in Australia,” White said.

  In his three seasons at Duke, White has seen quite a few things he never would have in Australia. Forget guarding some of the top players in the Atlantic Coast Conference — in his first two years, White went chest to chest with no fewer than four N.B.A. lottery picks in Duke practices alone. This season, Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett and Cam Reddish joined that group; those three are expected to be selected high in the first round of this summer’s N.B.A. draft, making it seven lottery picks who have put White through his paces — and the ringer — at one point or another.

  “When you guard those guys every day,” Jon Scheyer, Duke’s associate head coach, said, “you not only get better, you get more confident. Down the stretch in big games, he’s really locked people up. Defense has been a huge part of what he’s done for us.”

  White has averaged 4.4 points and 5.0 rebounds in 21.5 minutes a game this season, nearly all of it off the bench. He strained his hamstring in the A.C.C. tournament and did not play in Duke’s narrow second-round win over Central Florida — a game in which his defense was missed and Central Florida came within a buzzer-beating tip-in of ending top-ranked Duke’s season.

  White has had a cortisone shot, and expects to play when Duke (31-5) faces fourth-seeded Virginia Tech (26-8) on Friday.

  At 6-foot-7 and 220 pounds, White likes to use his physical strength to impose his will. He has tangled with the massive Williamson in practices throughout the year and said the experience toughened him. Williamson seems to share that opinion; asked to identify the one teammate he would want to have his back in a skirmish, he immediately replied, “Jack.”

  Most experts predict Williamson will be the No. 1 pick in the N.B.A. draft, but Barrett could go second or third, and Reddish plays like a first-round pick, as well.

  “Going back and forth between Zion, R.J. and Cam, three just supertalented offensive players, you’ve got to be locked in so you don’t get embarrassed every day,” White said, adding, “You’ve got to learn how to use what you have to best combat what they do.”

  White said that like his most renowned teammates, he hopes to play in the N.B.A., but he knows he has work to do on his offensive game to make it happen. (He endured an 0-for-28 streak on 3-pointers this season.) He also hopes to play for Australia in the 2020 Olympics.

  His Duke career came as something of a surprise. In his final year of high school in Victoria state, in southeastern Australia, he was weighing whether to play at Boise State or professionally in Australia when Duke came calling. Eager for a challenge, he accepted the offer, even though he knew playing time would be hard to come by on a team stacked with blue-chip recruits.

  He impressed Scheyer and the rest of the Duke coaching staff in his first scrimmage when he took on some of the best Duke had to offer, including Tatum, and never backed down. The coaches loved his competitive drive and even his trash-talking.

  “We were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got something here,’” Scheyer said.

  White did not play much in his first two years, with Tatum and Gary Trent Jr. taking up most of the time at his position. But his role expanded this season. Teams across the A.C.C. were acutely aware of when he was on the floor despite his more heralded teammates.

  “He’s long and strong as hell,” Virginia guard Kyle Guy said. “He’s a tough matchup for anybody.”

  Still, White’s toughest assignments continue to come in practice, where previous challenges have come in a variety of sizes, including Marvin Bagley III, a 6-11 big man who was the second overall pick in last year’s draft; center Wendell Carter, who went at No. 7; Grayson Allen; and Luke Kennard.

  Perhaps surprisingly, White labeled Tatum the toughest of all because Tatum, he said, had perfected so many deft moves. But in Williamson, White is encountering a stunning combination of size and athleticism. The first time they squared off over the summer, White thought he had Williamson locked down, just as he did with Tatum that day in 2016.

  Then Williamson rose up, and up — and kept elevating right over White, and scored.

  “I was like, ‘Oh, here we go,’” White said. “Guys here have that pro game. I had to accept that and realize that this style of play is different from what I was used to back home. It’s tough, but it forces you to get better.”



  平码二中二那里准确【最】【初】【叶】【礼】【与】【其】【接】【触】【的】【时】【候】,【还】【没】【有】【多】【想】,【只】【简】【单】【以】【为】【泉】【欣】【雅】【是】【骄】【傲】【的】【性】【格】【发】【作】【了】,【看】【不】【起】【普】【通】【的】【外】【人】。 【但】【先】【是】【指】【导】【动】【作】,【接】【着】【又】【是】【对】【打】【练】【习】。 【泉】【欣】【雅】【一】【个】【刚】【摆】【了】【几】【个】【跆】【拳】【姿】【势】,【架】【子】【都】【没】【有】【学】【好】【的】【柔】【弱】【小】【姑】【娘】【能】【有】【多】【少】【功】【底】,【叶】【礼】【简】【简】【单】【单】【的】【就】【对】【付】【了】。 【但】【在】【对】【打】【期】【间】,【泉】【欣】【雅】【多】【次】【耍】【无】【赖】【接】【触】【纠】【缠】【的】【时】【候】

  “【那】【雾】【气】【看】【上】【去】【好】【像】【有】【些】【古】【怪】,【难】【道】【里】【面】【有】【什】【么】【不】【详】【的】【东】【西】【存】【在】……!” 【洛】【云】【神】【色】【一】【凝】,【心】【中】【猜】【测】【起】【某】【种】【可】【能】【性】。 【直】【觉】【告】【诉】【他】,【黑】【色】【雾】【气】【之】【内】【似】【乎】【有】【什】【么】【东】【西】【笼】【罩】【着】,【而】【那】【东】【西】【煞】【气】【极】【重】,【极】【有】【可】【能】【是】【不】【寻】【常】【之】【物】。 “【洛】【云】,【那】【黑】【雾】【之】【内】【好】【像】【有】【东】【西】……!” 【冯】【大】【胖】【目】【光】【闪】【过】【一】【丝】【凝】【重】,【对】【着】【洛】【云】【开】【口】

  【普】【通】【人】【去】【瑞】【士】【银】【行】【询】【问】【特】【殊】【业】【务】,【得】【到】【的】【回】【答】【肯】【定】【是】【没】【有】。 【财】【富】【到】【达】【一】【定】【阶】【段】,【成】【为】【既】【得】【利】【益】【者】【以】【后】,【客】【户】【和】【银】【行】【之】【间】【开】【始】【捆】【绑】,【这】【时】【候】【再】【咨】【询】【业】【务】,【从】【藏】【匿】【资】【产】【到】【黑】【钱】【洗】【白】,【可】【选】【择】【的】【业】【务】【丰】【富】【到】【让】【人】【吃】【惊】,【几】【乎】【涵】【盖】【了】【方】【方】【面】【面】。 【瑞】【士】【法】【律】【规】【定】【除】【非】【确】【定】【犯】【罪】,【才】【有】【权】【力】【让】【银】【行】【公】【开】【账】【目】,【然】【而】【大】【多】【数】【时】【候】

  【苏】【动】【默】【默】【站】【在】【擂】【台】【上】,【眉】【心】【有】【金】【光】【降】【临】。 “【获】【得】【胜】【利】【段】【位】【增】【加】【一】【冕】,【成】【就】【九】【冕】【君】【王】。【获】【得】【特】【殊】【奖】【励】。” 【唰】。 【苏】【动】【的】【身】【影】【消】【失】【在】【擂】【台】【上】。 【而】【在】【黄】【泉】【路】【飘】【荡】【的】【次】【级】【君】【王】【楼】【阁】【中】,【已】【经】【落】【败】【的】【绝】【世】【天】【神】【启】【九】【阳】【孤】【独】【一】【人】【盘】【膝】【坐】【在】【楼】【阁】【中】。 【他】【望】【着】【手】【中】【的】【神】【剑】。 “【刀】【客】…”【启】【九】【阳】【的】【眼】【中】【里】【有】【一】【丝】【恍】【惚】

  【温】【南】【栀】【说】:“【宋】【先】【生】【是】【平】【城】【人】,【当】【然】【了】【解】【得】【多】。” “【那】【是】。”【蒋】【陵】【游】【连】【连】【点】【头】,【忍】【俊】【不】【禁】,“【宋】【大】【神】【天】【上】【地】【下】,【无】【所】【不】【知】。”【他】【知】【道】【的】【这】【么】【清】【楚】,【怎】【么】【偏】【不】【告】【诉】【温】【南】【栀】,【他】【刚】【才】【所】【说】【的】【那】【些】【春】【日】【赏】【花】【景】【点】,【等】【到】【了】【来】【年】【春】【天】,【没】【一】【个】【适】【合】【去】【游】【玩】【的】? 【倒】【不】【是】【景】【色】【不】【好】【花】【不】【美】,【而】【是】【全】【平】【城】【的】【人】【都】【知】【道】【景】【好】【花】【美】,平码二中二那里准确…… 【床】【上】【的】【人】【呆】【呆】【的】【过】【了】【好】【一】【会】【儿】,【眼】【中】【的】【迷】【糊】【才】【终】【于】【退】【去】【几】【分】,【转】【而】【有】【些】【惊】【恐】。 【她】【不】【太】【敢】【相】【信】【的】【伸】【手】【往】【被】【窝】【里】【面】【一】【探】。 【手】【上】【湿】【漉】【漉】【的】【一】【片】。 “……” 【桑】【沙】【愣】【了】【一】【下】,【眼】【里】【聚】【起】【泪】【水】,【身】【体】【动】【也】【不】【敢】【动】【弹】。 “【鹿】……【鹿】【离】……” 【她】【喊】【道】。 【桑】【沙】【叫】【的】【声】【音】【不】【大】,【也】【只】【够】【在】【这】【房】【间】【里】【回】【荡】

  【以】【低】【速】【每】【小】【时】900【公】【里】【的】【速】【度】【飞】【行】【在】【天】【空】【中】【的】【袁】【逸】,【忽】【然】【感】【觉】【到】【身】【后】【一】【阵】【异】【动】。 【回】【头】【一】【看】,【顿】【时】【有】【些】【惊】【讶】。 【追】【在】【自】【己】【身】【后】【的】【竟】【然】【是】【一】【个】【看】【起】【来】【有】【点】【熟】【悉】,【穿】【着】【带】【翅】【膀】【的】【黄】【金】【铠】【甲】。 “【射】【手】【座】!”【袁】【逸】【回】【想】【起】【自】【己】【看】【过】【的】【电】【影】,【立】【即】【就】【把】【身】【后】【那】【东】【西】【认】【了】【出】【来】。 【然】【后】【袁】【逸】【放】【缓】【了】【战】【甲】【飞】【行】【速】【度】,【让】【身】【后】

  “【我】【等】【拜】【见】【温】【侯】!” 【在】【吕】【布】【强】【绝】【的】【力】【量】【下】,【没】【有】【人】【敢】【反】【抗】,【只】【能】【跪】【地】【臣】【服】,【更】【何】【况】,【这】【一】【战】,【吕】【布】【将】【强】【者】【尽】【数】【斩】【杀】。 【数】【十】【万】【大】【军】,【死】【了】【一】【半】【有】【余】,【这】【个】【时】【候】【的】【关】【中】,【已】【经】【被】【吕】【布】【一】【人】【重】【创】。 “【张】【辽】,【收】【拢】【降】【军】——!” 【吕】【布】【大】【喝】【一】【声】,【随】【及】:“【臧】【霸】,【率】【领】【大】【军】【进】【入】【关】【中】,【同】【时】【向】【天】【下】【发】【布】【诏】【书】,【汉】【天】

  **,【他】【是】【一】【名】【学】【生】。【嗯】,【不】【用】【想】【了】,【就】【是】【那】【种】【野】【鸡】【大】【学】。 【虽】【然】**【不】【想】【上】,【但】【是】【老】【爸】【老】【妈】【奈】【何】【都】【是】【地】【地】【道】【道】【的】【农】【民】,【成】【天】【觉】【得】【是】【祖】【坟】【冒】【烟】【了】,【才】【在】【这】【代】【出】【了】【一】【个】【我】【这】【个】【大】【学】【生】。 【虽】【然】【是】【野】【鸡】【大】【学】,【但】【也】【是】【大】【学】【啊】。【父】【母】【一】【生】【从】【未】【走】【出】6【农】【村】,【就】【指】【望】【着】**【是】【大】【学】【生】【这】【件】【事】【来】【给】【他】【们】【脸】【上】【添】【光】【呢】。 **【也】

  【帝】【都】【的】【玄】【武】【杀】【阵】【上】,【灵】【力】【翻】【滚】,【一】【道】【道】【凌】【厉】【冰】【冷】【的】【阵】【意】【透】【过】【大】【阵】【的】【光】【幕】**【出】【来】,【威】【势】【逼】【人】。 【强】【大】【无】【匹】【的】【玄】【武】【杀】【阵】,【就】【像】【一】【套】【坚】【不】【可】【摧】【的】【盔】【甲】,【把】【帝】【都】【牢】【牢】【护】【在】【中】【间】! 【玄】【武】【杀】【阵】【的】【启】【动】,【瞬】【间】【震】【惊】【了】【整】【个】【帝】【都】【的】【百】【姓】。 【他】【们】【感】【受】【到】【莫】【大】【的】【危】【机】,【惊】【慌】【失】【措】【地】【走】【上】【街】【头】。 【百】【姓】【茫】【然】【抬】【起】【头】,【望】【着】【天】【空】【上】【的】